Sites Need Financial Visibility & Control for Optimal Performance

Strong, collaborative business partnerships are at the heart of all sustainable businesses. This is no different when it comes to the relationship between sites, CROs and sponsors in clinical research.

Knowing when you are going to receive payment and what that payment is for is a very basic necessity to ensure that trust is kept. Unfortunately, research sites do not always have the visibility or control into when they will receive payments from their sponsors or CROs. This is for many reasons, the most important being the inability to access a common invoice that is based on agreed upon contract between the site and the sponsor.

By aligning the invoice process so everyone has access to the same information regarding the work performed and cost of care, discrepancies are eliminated, ambiguities are neutralized and everyone is on the same page.

The visibility, clarity and control that sites gain from eClinicalGPS has driven the wide-spread adoption of the solution. By involving sites into the process, the platform supports that these trusted business collaborations remain intact and the research continues without delay.

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Ashley Leuthe
Written by Ashley Leuthe

As Senior Product Manager, Ashley oversees the strategic direction for the eClinicalGPS solution.