The Hero’s Journey Art Project Uses Breathtaking Sculptures to Raise Awareness for Clinical Research

According to Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, 11 percent of sites fail to enroll a single patient., 37 percent of sites do not meet their enrollment goals. It comes with little surprise that only 5 percent of the population ever participate in a clinical trial. (CISCRP)

At the same time, millions and millions of people continue to rely on medicines and new treatments to heal, bring relief and save lives.

Increasing awareness and participation in clinical trials is critical to ensuring that science can continue to advance and bring new treatments to into the world. People who participate in trials bring hope for better treatments tomorrow. Breakthroughs in clinical research are only possible through the trials that bring these new treatments to market.

The Hero’s Journey is a movement that leverages unique art sculptures built by artist John Magnan with thousands of bricks to honor clinical trial participants and raise awareness of clinical trials.

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Join the movement and get involved, check out and use #herosjourneyart.


Wayne Baker
Written by Wayne Baker

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