ClinCard Answers Recruitment Challenges, Brings Security and Control to Phase I Research

All clinical research is difficult to recruit for, nearly 80% of clinical trials fail to meet clinical trial enrollment deadlines. Phase I, or First-in-Human, studies present its own unique set of challenges. Finding and maintaining a good pool of healthy volunteers in a competitive market is mission critical.

As such, subjects must have an optimal trial experience to ensure they complete the study and will consider volunteering for future research.

Typically, participants in Phase I research receive large stipends to participate as a recognition for their time and appreciation of the contribution for science. (

With Phase I studies comes a high volume of subjects, payments and administrative work. A solution such as the ClinCard is designed to optimize clinical trial experience and improve retention, making it an ideal solution in this phase of research, which is why we are seeing an increased demand among this group of research sites.

Optimize site performance

Phase I studies have high enrollment and short timelines, resulting in a tremendous amount of administrative work for the coordinators and study staff.

The ClinCard solution can be configured to any type of subject schedule and simplifies the complex reimbursement process by reducing administrative frustrations and time-consuming processes for site staff and finance teams, enabling the site to focus on the execution of the trial.

Increased subject retention for future studies

Rapid payment to subjects eliminates any financial hurdles that may keep them from completing a trial. The ClinCard solution supports a patient-centric trial by increasing retention and ongoing engagement, enabling sites to easily reenroll subjects in future Phase I studies.

Secure payment method

Phase I study sites typically pay subjects checks, which requires the site and site financial support teams to process numerous checks each month, or petty cash which requires frequent deliveries of cash to the site. ClinCard securely centralizes all transactions eliminating the need to keep petty cash on site and eliminate any risks of check fraud.

Financial Transparency

With such high volume of subject payments, as well as subjects coming back for additional trials at the research facility, the ClinCard provides visibility into a complete audit trail of every payment. The web portal enables subjects to view their balances and sites to keep financial transactions centralized with clear visibility into the payment activity.

Phase I studies are especially sensitive as subjects and researchers do not know what to expect when a new drug or therapy enters the subject’s body. By automating and streamlining the subject payment process, ClinCard enables Phase I clinical research site staff to focus more time on the subjects, ultimately providing a better trial experience for both the research site and the human subjects, along with delivering an easy way for them to enroll in the next trial.

Dave Espenshade
Written by Dave Espenshade

In his role as Greenphire’s Vice President of CRO Partnerships, Dave leads the efforts to broaden the use of Greenphire’s solution suite among global CRO partners. Greenphire is currently working with eight of the top 10 global CROs and continues to see an increased demand for both its investigator payment solution, eClinicalGPS, and patient reimbursement solution, ClinCard, within this sector.